Jukeboxes are original timepieces that in the future will be replicated and won’t ever be found again…that makes them a priceless collection.


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Seeburg HF100R (1955)


Holds 50 45rpm vinyl records and is fully functional!

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All Jukeboxes are required to be picked up in Arlington, TX by the buyer.


You should consider buying a Jukebox from Langhausen Enterprises as we are knowledgable about all brands and Models of Jukeboxes from the “45 vinyl era through the CD era” and are honest about the brands that are more reliable than others!


Any jukebox consigned for sale is for an amount agreed to by both parties. If Jukebox is in Langhausen Enterprises possession the fee will be collected at time Jukebox is sold. If the Jukebox is in the possession of person consigning with Langhausen Enterprises, the fee will be collected up front and agreed to by both parties.