Jukebox Mobile Repair and Sale Services

Repair Jukeboxes from the 1950's through the CD Jukebox era.

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           I started repairing jukeboxes at the age of 14. My Dad had me completely tear down Wurlitzer Jukeboxes and reassemble them! If they didn’t work, I had to repeat the process! Had to do it 4 times before it finally worked!

After College, I started working Route Operations for my Dad in Billings, MT. At the age of 22 I moved to Thermopolis Wyoming to work my Dad’s Wyoming Route! My repair training spread to Pinball Machines, Shooting Galleries, and Bowling Machines, as well as Seeburg, AMI, and Rockola Jukeboxes. I bought the Wyoming Route from my Dad in 1977! In 1989, I purchased several CD Jukeboxes and was educated, through my Distributor (Struve Distributing) in Salt Lake City to repair them! Sold the Route in 1994 and worked other industries until 2006.

I was employed in 2006 by H.A. Franz, a Dallas coin-op Distributor, through May of 2008! I worked on Vending equipment, Countertop Videos, learned to program and repair AMI Network Jukeboxes, and sold Vending Equipment in North Texas and Oklahoma

Started my own Mobile Jukebox, Pinball, and Vending Repair business in May of 2008! I opened a shop in September of 2013 to accommodate customers with Jukeboxes and Pinballs with needs that exceed what my Mobile Repair Service can provide!



    We repair Jukeboxes from the 1950’s through the the CD Jukebox era.
    (Rockola, Wurlitzer, Seeburg and Rowe AMI Jukeboxes.)


    We come to your home, place of business, or you can haul your machine to the L.E. workshop located in Arlington, TX.
    (Monday – Thursday)


    We service all of North Texas, West to the New Mexico border (including Panhandle), East to the Louisiana border and South as far as Waco!


    We sell Jukeboxes for a fair price and we repair what we sell within our service area.
    (All Jukeboxes are required to be picked up in Arlington, TX by the buyer.)

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Kay A.

It was a pleasure to have Terry come to our house and work on our jukebox. He is experienced and personable and knows his stuff. I recommend him to you highly

Ryan M.

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Was on time and explained problems and solutions. Would definitely recommend, or use again in the future.

Anthony B.

5 star experience is what Terry delivers! Very professional and had great knowledge on our 1954 Seeburg. Would recommend him to anyone. In todays age of service or lack there of he was a breath of fresh air..


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